The Inner Workings of InterWorkings

The Inner Workings of InterWorkings

This Spring four Graphic Design students have come together to showcase individual community advocation projects that they have spent the past semester developing. Their topics range from biking to divorce to social interaction. The name InterWorkings comes from how the students all work both within their small group and within their chosen communities. Each of the student’s community advocation projects have strong connections with the state of the human condition in one form or another. The logo for the show, designed by Ryan Miller, echos the impossibility of drawings by the likes of M.C. Escher, creates texture in an 80’s-esque fashion, and utilizes a strong, bold yellow concentrated with a deep black. I had the opportunity to sit down with the students and have a discussion about both their individual work and the show as a whole.


Ryan Miller

The Postcard. A small but personal gesture of affection or friendship that is so small but can mean so much to an individual. This is what mPrint, a branded campaign crafted by Ryan, uses to act as an intervention for our evolving social and antisocial habits. mPrint is designed to rekindle and reaffirm relationships that individuals value by providing a method of communication less ephemeral than social media.

A small sampling of some of the great postcards you can grab

For Ryan the postcard symbolises that you care about someone and it's something he thinks we can all relate to. In total he has produced 50 unique postcards with a variety of themes such as Romance, Casual, Online, Family, and Mentor. Viewers can take one home with them as well as a sticker representing their theme. Ryan has also created a few data visualizations to illustrate what he calls the “Electronic Barrier”.

Diana Sterie

The installation of eyes of divorcees on the wall that accompanies Diana's project

Each and every one of us has or will encounter a Divorcee in our lifetimes. Divorce can often be a difficult issue to have a conversation about. Each case is unique and for many people it is easier to ignore than confront. But for Diana, it's an issue that needs to be confronted. Using information from a series of interviews with women who had been through divorce Diana has crafted a presentation designed to give viewers a heavy, but much needed dose of perspective.

Diana aims to give divorced women a voice. Many of the women with whom she spoke with often felt extreme familial pressure to avoid divorce. A series of hanging portraits which are paired quotes from each of the interviewed women as well as a video and wall installation aim to address and hopefully mend the negative stigma surrounding divorce.

Angela Sullivan

One of several different color Pik models that are on display

Do you know what percent of the population of the US are affected by Social Anxiety? This was the first question Angela asked me, and the answer? 18% (Source: National Institute of Mental Health). Social Anxiety is in many ways an invisible problem. It isn’t something that can be seen on the surface but can be just as crippling. Angela informed me she has quite a few family members that were affected by some type of social anxiety so she had a very strong personal connection to the issue.

Enter PikMeUp, or as Angela calls it a ‘Pik’, a small object that can comfortably rest in the palm of your hand. The Pick acts as a companion for those affected by social anxiety. The Pik has several features, the most prominent of which is designed to help you calm down when you experience an anxiety attack. The user only has to rock the Pik on any surface and through the magic of Bluetooth the Pik sends comforting messages to your cell phone. The Pik can also interact with other Piks and converse among themselves if placed close together, hopefully inspiring their owners to communicate with each other as well.

Sara Sodano

Some of the custom laser-cut tags Sara manufactured

The breeze of a convertible with the health of walking everywhere. This combination is something one can only find on a bike, and a lifestyle that Sara aims to promote with her branded lifestyle campaign CharlotteLifeCycle. Sara saw a chance to help grow and promote the cycling community in Charlotte through her community advocation project. The CLC brand meets its audience with humor that contains the possibility of a healthier, happier lifestyle.

At the core of the lifestyle brand is the Queen Criterium, a five-day bike race for professionals and beginners alike, designed to promote cycling and create a more diverse and popular cycling scene in Charlotte. Sara has designed informational pamphlets, custom laser cut tags, and a myriad of other things to hopefully engage the community here in Charlotte to get out and get cycling!

The show opens on April 10th at 5:00pm and features a panel discussion beforehand from 4:15 - 5:00pm in Rowe Arts Main Lecture Hall. There will be free food and drink provided at the reception. Come out to see all the amazing work these four have done over the course of the semster!

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